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Good help is hard to find

August 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The funny thing about photography, like many businesses, is that it's feast or famine. Seems like either you are waiting for the next job to quote or trying to figure out which jobs to say "no" to. The only solution that makes sense is to have a few photographers that you trust enough to work with you. I feel I am blessed to have several photographers I enjoy working with. These are guys that will matter what happens.

Why trust is important

  • Will they show up early and treat your clients like you treat them?
  • Will they be dressed appropriately?
  • Will they promote you or themselves?
  • Do they own the right gear?
  • Do they have backup gear?
  • Are they flexible enough to think on their feet and be able to create the challenging images that the client will ask for?

Matthew Jordan Smith and I at his recent seminar in Nashville

Recently I've made a new friend. Actually, I became reacquainted with him at an event I was working for Dury's. Matthew Jordan Smith had a tour in the US that both of us were at. It was providence that we would both be there. Ron Pollard and Matthew are friends. Ron has shot with and for Matthew so I knew he was good. Even more important, he was fun to be around and had great people skills. For some reason, I was impressed to pursue more conversation with Ron and I'm glad I did. In the top photo, he is working with me at a recent event on the roof of Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville. He is showing Ben from MP&F some of his images and this is important. It lets the client know what we are doing. It also gives them the chance to offer more direction to us. More of some images, less of helps assure we deliver what they are expecting. (MP&F is one of my favorite clients to work with, I probably shouldn't say I have a favorite, but everything they do is first class. It's no surprise they were recently voted one of the best places to work in Nashville for the 5th consecutive year)

I am thankful for this friend and work associate. I am concentrating on building my photography business like never before. I really enjoy event photography! Meeting new people at cool locations and giving them a photographic record that they can use immediately on social media or promote their brand is satisfying and challenging. With the addition of Ron, I can offer more extensive coverage or provide coverage at multiple events. 

If you need event photography or have a friend that needs coverage, please send them our way. We will take care of them and they will thank you. I thank you too!


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