Everything in one place: Think Tank Security V2.0

December 31, 2012

I’ve owned one of these Think Tank bags for over two years.  But before I changed camera systems, it was referred to as, “The Mother Ship” in other words, where all my DSLR gear lived until I needed it for a job.  If I were traveling anyplace far away, I would use this to transport it all safely on the plane with me.  Never any farther away than over my head.  I could put several bodies, 6 lenses, two strobes, batteries, chargers and other miscellaneous stuff in this bag.  This allowed me to be prepared for most anything that I’d come up against without running off to the nearest camera store in a panic.  That was then, this is now.

A place for everything, everything in it’s place!

  • A=Fuji X Pro-1 with zoom lens attached (this used to be a D700 with 70-200 and extended nearly to “F” compartment!)
  • B= 60mm macro lens (cute isn’t it?)
  • C=Cable Management Bag filled with every synch cord and cable imaginable.
  • D=Quantum 2+2 battery
  • E=Quantum T5d-R flash
  • F=Gossen Starlite Meter
  • G=2-Pocket Wizard Multi Max’s
  • H=Harbor Digital Ultimate Light Box and Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket card holder
  • I=TTL off camera cable and charger for Q Flash Battery
  • J=Rocket Blaster for nasties that can infect your sensor
  • K=Vacancy, which is where I put my Fuji flash
  • There is storage in the lid with see through, zippered compartments that hold camera batteries and other necessary items like chargers, etc.

Today, I can actually transport everything I need to do a simple one to two light job, including the lights.  In this case a Quantum T5d-R and Fuji speed light. The Q flash requires a dedicated Quantum Tubo battery pack and charger.  I also have in here: Pocket Wizards, Gossen Starlite meter, and an assortment of synch cords that will cover most any application.  All neatly stored in my Cable Management 30 bag, that easily fits in the side panel.   My favorite modifier for the Quantum is the Harbor Digital Design Ultimate Light Box.  My biggest complaint about this is that it takes up too much room, it doesn’t collapse or get smaller, but that just may be the secret to it’s efficiency at distributing light.  That was a concern when my space was limited, I had to make a choice between what I would carry and what I wouldn’t.  I really like having options for lighting, sometimes a box, or Rogue flash bender, maybe even a simple bounce off a near wall.  I can also carry gells, allowing even more possibilities.

Here is the best part, as Fuji introduces their 55-200 zoom lens, it will easily fit in this case.  And, when the successor to the X Pro 1 comes along, that will also have a home here no problem.  I still have tons of room to add those without eliminating anything that I’m now using.

My biggest current challenge:  What camera bag to buy next?  I own three Think Tank bags and have to say that I have been super happy with them.  That said, do I want a Retrospective 5 or 10?  I think the 5 will be large enough for 1 body and 2 lenses, but I don’t know about my Fuji flash.  Any more than that and I think that I may have to go larger.  Having a smaller camera system is spoiling me, I don’t want anything larger than I need to carry.  A month ago I was happy to have everything in my StreetWalker Pro backpack, now it’s just sitting in my equipment closet.  It is just too big for my needs now.  What a great problem to have right?

So what can you do with just one light?  That’s a legitimate question so here are a few examples of a one light set up.  If you are wondering about coverage from one source, my son-in-laws are 6’4″ and 6’5″.  As you can see,  no worries!  Our family group with the Quantum and a 60″ umbrella.

Not bad for 7 adults and 3 kids under three years of age.  (and a self timer portrait too!)

Here is one with the Harbor Design Ultimate Light Box.  I did this of my wife and I at a corporate Christmas party we photographed for clients a few weeks ago.

I hope this helps you see some of the benefits of thinking small.  If you have an open mind to change, it just may simplify your life…a lot!

Need to buy some camera gear?  Just send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll be glad to help you get what you want!



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