New Position announcement!

July 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Bruce Pallman, me, Corey, and Meredith Reinker!

Nashville has a full service photo buying option again!

I can finally announce that effective immediately I am representing Roberts from Indianapolis. Established in 1957 as a store that sold most everything but cameras. That all changed in 1968 when they added a few cameras to see what they could do. And now the only products they sell are photographic imaging related*. Roberts doesn't just sell to photographers, they also distribute products to other camera stores all over the United States.

My relationship goes back years with Roberts, in fact, I was a customer there before I moved to Nashville 10 years ago. When I found out that Dury's was closing, I started exploring other options in the industry I've known and worked in for decades. I knew that my options were limited. The Corona Virus was hitting every person and every market segment. Camera stores were no exception. I sent an email to Meredith to let her know of my interest and she was very receptive. We started discussing what it might look like if I were to work with them. A few emails, a few trips and it's now official!

What does this mean to camera buyers in Nashville? You can still buy all your camera equipment from someone you know and! I'm still here and a phone call or text away. (see below) My Nashville friends have been working with me for over 10 years. But, I've been working in this industry for over 25 years and have met thousands of photographers from all over the US and Canada. I have instant access to their actual inventory and can get your items shipped to you freight free. The inventory that is in their building is impressive, plus they have a second store they can pull products from if needed. Well known and respected by photographic vendors, there are even options to drop ship some items directly to your home if it's not available in the store. This all means the service and support you deserve and have always received from me.

What if you shoot film? Roberts has the largest inventory of film, black and white paper, and darkroom accessories in the Midwest!  Ilford, Kodak, Cinestill, and designer films are available along with Paterson developing tanks and trays.

What's in the future? Events that we've all enjoyed in the past like "Photo Walks" will be coming back! We've had people ask for these for years and we weren't able to do them. Not anymore, vendors are excited to be networking with us and we are working on other vendor sponsored events for the near future. Because of Covid, most companies have travel restrictions for their sales and marketing staff. We are brainstorming on how we can create some fun for photographers and still be socially responsible. Fun is one thing we are all missing in our lives, so let's make it happen!

I'll also be working at the incredibly successful "Cash 4 Cameras" events. UsedPhotoPro, a division of Roberts has been buying used camera equipment in Nashville for several years. I will be at these events so you can turn your unused cameras into something shiny and new. Not sure what you want? That's why I'll be there, we can discuss what you like to photograph and what makes sense. Come see me this weekend at the newest photographic lab in town, Safelight Imaging. The owner Meredith is not only my friend, she is an incredible printer! She is a graduate of SCAD and has great skills. She ran the lab at Dury's and really outgrew what they could offer, so she took her vision and created this new business. Wait till you see what she's up to! Just click the link for all the info on her new lab.

To say I am excited is an understatement! Please let me know how I can help you, here is my contact info:

Email: [email protected] Cell: 615-294-4652  (of course text is fine too)

I hope to see you and talk with you soon! Accepting pre-orders for all the latest and greatest gear, like the new Sony A7S Mark III CALL ME to preorder this long-awaited camera...or any other brand. (The new Canons arrive later this week)

*(with the exception of Klipsch audio, a high-end audio manufacturer located in Indianapolis. They ship and distribute for them because they have a well developed distribution network)


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