The "Hilton Way" keep the floor clean, it's everyones job!

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was photographing at the Hilton in Nashville yesterday. Here is my lighting set up. Take a close look on the floor where you see two small pieces of black tape so the subjects hit the same spot. I put these down, turned around to work on something else and when I looked back they were gone! The "Hilton way" is if it doesn't belong there pick it up, especially the floor! I didn't see anyone scrape them off the floor. It was quick, now you see it, now you don't

This seems so simple, but how many times a day do we step over or go around something that doesn't belong there? Do you think, "it's not my job?" I was talking to my friend Brad who is a Sales Manager there and I told him what happened. We laughed but he then explained, "the floor is a high priority, especially the lobby. If only housekeeping did this, they wouldn't get anything else done." It is everyones responsibility from Management down to make this place immaculate. 

Speaking of Brad, here is his portrait I shot using the lighting you see above. I like the dark to light contrast of this composition and was able to utilize the existing windows and drapes to add some background interest. The mood is casual but very professional.

This is a simple but effective lighting set up. By blending the studio lights and available light, I achieved a dimensional look. You can't create this with available light only. That image would have been very flat and look more like a snapshot. It could work, but not for the Hilton, that is not the message they are sending. Nothing is accidental and almost nothing is impossible. Top notch in every aspect. I am blessed to be able to work with this company and their excellent staff in Nashville.

I love my job! I have access "behind the scenes" of many businesses and organizations. I am a better photographer and business person as a result of these exposures. I want to be learning constantly and improving how I perform at my job and in my life.