Fuji GFX demo at Dury's

July 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's hard to even understand what a 50 meg file looks like. Even when you view it on your computer, it's just unbelievable! Once you've shot it and looked at the files, you are ruined for most everything else!

We had a day where customers could come in and shoot the camera here in the store. I brought in my personal Profoto lights and modifiers so they could experience the best of the best. This combination of lighting and camera is as good as it gets in my opinion.

Enough text lets see some images!

This young lady was in the store as a customer, not our model. She has such a beautiful look that I asked her to model for a few shots. I'm glad I did, this turned out beautiful. This may look like just another nice image to you, so here is a 100% crop sized to 8x10 of her eye.

I know this is kinda weird, but just look at that detail! This is cropped from the JPEG out of the camera with no post processing. I don't know about you, but please never photograph me with this camera and show this much crop.

Michael Bulbenko from Fuji has been a friend for many years. He is one of Fuji's best tech guys and a great shooter too. When I offered to set up a studio and get a model, he was all in. I don't think there is anyone in the US with more hands on time with the GFX than Michael, so he was the best possible person to show it off.

This is one of my images of Daley that I shot during the day. I rarely get to shoot very many because I am helping the customers and that's fine, it's what I'm paid to do. I can tell you this camera will absolutely ruin you for whatever you currently own. This camera is 1.6X larger than a full frame sensor! But, the physical size of the body is deceiving. It weighs the same or less than a Nikon D5 and it costs the same too! The Fuji lenses are second to nothing I've ever used. They are super sharp and very affordable. 

Lisa Johnson and my good buddy Steve Lowry have been friends for years. You have got to see some of her beautiful guitar photography. Here is Lisa's website. While she was in Nashville, she rented this camera for a few sessions. After a weekend of use she was a believer. She is now the proud owner of her very own GFX and a couple lenses that I shipped her this week. I am super stoked to share with you some of her images and I will as soon as I get the OK from Lisa.