Old dog, new tricks?

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


1956. That was the year my wife and I were born. I am on my 61st trip around the sun and thankful for every single one of them. Fourty five of those years I've been involved in photography! I photographed my first wedding in 1972 as a Sophomore in high school. (I still can't believe someone trusted me with that responsibility) Hundreds of weddings and events later, it is still what I do and love.

The only thing constant is change. As you know by now, I have officially changed my lighting system to Profoto. This has been a decision I've considered in the past but never could see the reason to do it. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the details about such a big change.

A few weeks ago I reached out to my long time friend, Mark Rezzonico who is the President of Profoto. I told him I was considering making a move. This started a journey that included comparing what I have versus what I would need. This process was a great exercise and very much like moving your home. You can get rid of items you no longer use and buy what you need. I've already decided that I made excellent decisions in my gear mix. I do want to tweak one selection. I bought one single head B2 kit and one two head kit. This should have been two of the two head kits. I'll have some images to demonstrate why soon, but this is a very easy fix. I'll just add another head and cable and it's done!

Since my first post about this change, I've had several emails and calls asking for more specifics. Most are friends that own other brands of lighting and are interested in how it's going and what is the big difference. They are photographers that feel the same way I do, it's all about light!

The best light you can own, is one you will use and you don't mind taking with you.

Size and portability - check

Self contained units (battery powered) - check

Quick recycle and lots of power -CHECK!

Pretty much sums up how I feel about the B2's and the brand new B1X units I own.