Fall family fun at Lucky Ladd Farms

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every fall we try to take the grandkids to a farm to enjoy the activities. This year we went to Lucky Ladd Farms just south of Murfreesboro. This has been our favorite. Great slides for the kids, a giant corn maze, and tricycle racing.

Jade and Scott being super competitive. I'm not sure where she gets that from. (her Mama!)

I was the official "popcorn holder." Gigi can eat her weight in this stuff!

A girl has to keep up her energy. Seriously, she can eat this stuff until we cut her off. (She is just like her grandma)

This could be the last family of "5" portrait we take. There will be a new addition around Christmas day. The Yuppa tradition is to not find out the gender. There really is an element of fun and surprise. As a side note, Gigi is sure it is NOT a boy. We will see, Gigi. We will see.