One of my favorite assignments in Nashville

May 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We moved here 6 years ago. How we arrived here is a long story, maybe I'll elaborate on that sometime.

It was our first or second year here that I met a friend that asked me to help him with a project he was doing. The idea was to take a morning and photograph some of Nashville's homeless people. That turned out to include couples, sibling's and families.


Homeless in Nashville from Nick Coury on Vimeo.

We photographed this outside. I set up a white paper sweep for my backdrop. It was windy and the paper ended up getting a little roughed up. I think it adds to the look of the images. Once we met them and chatted for a bit, I photographed them. They then submitted the word or phrase that they felt best described them. I find their choice of words, incredibly interesting. I wonder what word I would use if I was living their life. A life on the street, with no place to call home? Most of these people were incredibly thankful and friendly. I was blessed to be a part of this and hope that in some small way I gave them a portrait that they may even still carry.

Our church is involved with Room At The Inn. Just today in a small way recognized the volunteers that serve in that ministry. For 26 weeks a year, when the weather is at it's worst, these people serve some of the homeless community. Picking them up, bringing them to the church, feeding them, giving them a place to shower and personal supplies. The volunteers give up their time, spending the night and moving them back and forth. Until today, I didn't even know who some of them were. I love the fact that this is serving a group of people that can in no way ever reciprocate. It's loving them the way Jesus would love them. Unconditionally.