Still amazed by the X Pro 2!

March 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Acros setting is unbelievable for portrait sessions!

I was helping my friend Keith Miles on a personal project this week. Keith is a multi-talented guy, there are many sides to his personality. He's a great businessman, a song writer and musician. Even more than that, I'm proud to have him as a friend! We had a great time experimenting with different sources and styles of lighting.

Our incredibly patient model. Brittany Smith, did a great job. She is one of the best models I've ever worked with when trying out new gear.

Please view this image as just a "test" because that's what it was. Keith was shooting medium format digital and "old school" Hasselblad with film! I'm anxious to see the differences between the three mediums.

I'd like to encourage you to get together with some of your photographer friends, clear off a few hours and have a photo play date! I know it's hard to find a few extra hours, and it takes time to commit to do it. My guess is you will learn something and have a great time.