Smaller is better for concert photography. Fuji X20

August 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I love live music! I also enjoy taking pictures there but it isn't always possible to get a pass to carry in my big lenses. It seems to be an accepted practice that if your lens isn't interchangeable, you are good to go. That is one of the reasons I still own my Fuji X20, it has a 28-112mm zoom lens and that is long enough in most arenas, at least it was in Bridgestone this week!

Other than a long, fast lens, you need to be able to shoot at higher ISO's, in this case 800 was no problem at all. A little Perfectly Clear Noise Reduction, and I'm very happy with these shots.

This proves once again the best camera to own, is the one you have with you!

Camera phones are fine for most situations. Not in a concert with lasers and tons of darkness, they just don't cut it...yet. I'm sure they will one day, but I plan on seeing a lot more concerts before then, and I'm not missing my chance at some great images.