First shots with Fuji extension tubes

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is finally here. What a long winter it's been! Today it was in the 70's and that is a very good sign. They also had snow in Chicago today, no fun.

I finally got out to test the new Fuji extension tubes and they work great. I had to use my 18-55 lens because I didn't have any of my primes. Still, the results are very good. I will shoot more a little later, but this was a great start. It was windy, so I used the Nissin i40 strobe in manual and very minimal power to freeze the movement. Because of the shallow depth of field, I shot stopped down a little so I'd have a better chance nailing the focus. This was ok for the first attempt. The daffodil remained very patient throughout the process.