Snow day photo fun

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The day started off nasty. But, when you are from Ohio and you talk about how folks down south can't drive in this stuff, you have to make the trip in. I will admit that on ice, it is not a good situation and that most anything can happen...especially with the "other drivers" that are out there.  that said, I've been driving in this since I was 16 and I do know what to watch for, it served me well today. Like the guy in the pickup truck that accelerated over the bridge and fishtailed nearly out of control. I saw his lack of control, backed off the gas and moved two lanes to the right. He regained control and then (out of fear) backed off to a reasonable speed. Way to go Buck-o. 

Counting the two owners, there was one other employee at the store. After nearly two hours we had two customers, so the decision was made to close early, in fact, at noon. Around 11:00 Ron told me to wrap it up and head home. 

I decided that I should at least go out and see if there was anything worth photographing in the back yard. Thinking ahead, I made some fresh coffee for when I came back in, it would be great with the Biscotti Marlene made this morning.

It turned out that I didn't have to leave the deck. Check out the cool ice hanging off the Weber grill. I love the contrast and ice encrusted handle.

Walking out into the yard, I saw some cool ice formations on the shrubs

This was my favorite shot of the day. All of these images with done on my Fuji  X-T1 and the new 50-140mm f2.8 zoom? Both of these are weather sealed so the icy rain was no problem.

Calling for more ice tonight and plunging temperatures. May be back at it tomorrow. Stay warm!