It happened on the way to church

October 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


It was a Sunday just like any other Sunday...

I leave my home most Sunday mornings at 7:30. My route is the same as always. I obey the speed limit and I use the device placed in all cars to signal my intentions of changing lanes. (In your owners manual it may be called a turn signal) So what happened next was a bit of a surprise to me.

As I turned off Central Pike and headed North onto Old Hickory I noticed a Police cruiser pulled in directly behind me. No worries, I'm driving safe and responsibly. But, he stays behind me all the way up to Juarez, (that's 1.5 miles) where I turn to go to church. Still, no worries, we are just heading the same direction. In fact, maybe he is the officer that directs traffic at the church crosswalk. Then, I signal to turn into the church parking lot and he follows me in...and hits his blue lights!

To say this is embarrassing is an understatement. Still, no worries, I wasn't doing anything wrong. I pull into my spot, jump out of the car and greet the officers. I should probably mention that now there are TWO cruisers and three lights on full! Ok, it's gotten even more embarrassing. This is my church, my friends, my people and I have three of Nashville's finest interrogating me. What could be the problem? It must be huge! 

Me: Good morning guys, whats up?

Young officer: May I see your drivers license please? 

Me: Sure officer.

Officer: It's your license plate.

Me: What's wrong?

Officer: We couldn't see the tag on the bottom, and thought you may be driving on expired plates.

Me: Seriously?

Officer: Yes.

Me: Oh, I get it. You must be a 'Bama fan, right? Still a little upset about last seasons loss. (slight chuckle)

Officer, not smiling: No.

Other officer, silent up till now: I'm a Blue fan. (for you SEC folks this refers to Michigan, the hated enemy of all things Buckeye!)

Me: Sorry for that.  (still not much laughter and I must say I am shocked, I feel like I'm on a Roll....get it? A Roll!)

The lead officer returns my license, finding out I am squeaky clean and have been for decades. I must say he looked a little disappointed, but I'm not sure.

His parting words to me are, "you need to get that taken care of so it's visible right away."

Me: Yes sir, I will. You guys have a great day. Go Bucks!

Them: Shaking their heads they return to their cars, turn off their lights and leave the lot.

Me? I am now left to walk across the street and answer the questions of what was going on over in the parking lot. It's a long story.