I shoot commercial too!

January 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Although I don't talk about it much, I have been photographing commercial images on location for years. When clients have custom needs, and very specialized, delicate or extremely large products, going to them is the best solution.


That was the case on Wednesday. International Tower Lighting makes the lights and equipment you see on cell towers. These are very sophisticated lights and the boxes contain a lot of electronic equipment. There is much more to this than meets the eye and as is always the case, I learned a lot about their products.


These images were shot on a white sweep with Elinchrom lights on a Fuji X-E2 with the new 50-140 zoom. Everything went great, thanks to a hand from my assistant Otis Toussaint, we were done in the quoted time for the job. It is also helpful to have someone that knows and understands the equipment. In this case we worked with Andy, one of the Engineers. Great guy and super knowledgeable. When the lights wouldn't fire up inside the box, he knew what to do to fix it, and he did!