Teaching happens all the time

September 09, 2014

A lot of my day is spent talking about photography, specifically new equipment purchases. When I'm in the store, a lot of the time it is theory or hypothetical discussion. It may be talking about the latest buzz words they've read and want to achieve that same look, or after real, thoughtful research on their part.

One of those words is "bokeh." We hear it most every day, and sadly most use it incorrectly or with limited understanding. Bokeh, like gravity, just happens. I'd rather discuss what makes it happen. Focus point, aperture used and placement of your subject.

On our Photo Walk the other night, there were a few ladies that were intrigued by why I carried my tripod with such a small camera. It certainly weighs more than the camera, much more. To illustrate it I set up the following shots. These are not intended to be beautiful pictures, but they do show what happens by just switching your lens opening.

I've focused on the decorative gate in the foreground. As you can see even with my subject very close, there is a lot of depth here. I am close to the minimum focus to illustrate this effect.

This is a game changer, it makes this image totally different. Suddenly it's all about the decorative iron. You can't tell anything about the building, but it sure has a gate around it.

I know this is basic stuff, but I've stopped taking this fact for granted. The ladies I was with simply couldn't believe the difference. I hope this will be of help to others too.

This illustration reminds me of the bible verse that talks about our earthly vision. Here we don't see things as we will from God's perspective. He views all that is going on through an "eternal filter." I Cor. 13:12 For now we see through a glass. darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also am known. We see all the bad things that are going on daily, just turn on your TV or a news feed on your phone, we just don't understand it. Some even question God or his existence because it is allowed to happen. It's just a by product of our fallen world we live it, sadly it's going to get worse than it is. The only hope that's for sure, is not trusting in yourself, your bank account, your friends, even your church! Jesus said he is THE way, THE truth and The life. He's got this life AND the next!