Let the fun begin

September 29, 2014

This is the beginning of a week we have been waiting for, for what seems like forever. Next weekend our son Aaron will be marrying the woman he has been praying for. This is an answer to his prayer and all our family. He waited (most of the time, patiently) on the Lord. The Lord heard his prayer and answered it in a supernatural way, just like you might expect him to. Cleo is an incredible young woman that loves the Lord and Aaron. Together they will do much for the kingdom, and have many adventures.
So, to get things started, Sara and Mateo made the trip here from San Diego today. What should have been uneventful, turned into a bit of an adventure. Delays getting out of SAN because of rain in Phoenix, where it only rains about 30 days a year. Because of the delay, the connection into Nashville would be close, almost too close. They assured her they would hold the plane for them so they could make it. When they landed they had 10 minutes and several gates to run to. Run they did! When they got there, the lady told them the flight had left, and they will have to reroute her. Sara doesn't really enjoy traveling (who does anymore?) and the thought of extending this already long day did not make her happy. The lady offered to get her started right away since they were the first ones there. As she started looking for alternatives (another flight to Texas and then here) others started showing up that had the same itinerary and became vocal about them holding the plane. Believe it or not, they called the plane back to pick up the passengers! When have you ever heard of that? I haven't! As they were walking down the ramp into the plane, Mateo kept saying, "praise the Lord" repeatedly and louder. Other passengers responded with "amen" and or, smiles. His attitude was contagious and helped bring it all into perspective, nothing happens without the Lords knowledge and consent. They got in late, but Mateo was a trooper and came running with a smile on his face. Who cares what time it is? In fact, what time is it? It's celebration time for this family, so let the fun begin!