Birthday lunch and a paper toss

September 29, 2014


We have a family tradition, the birthday boy or girl gets to pick what they want for dinner. When the kids were home, that meant Marlene would make whatever they wanted. As they got older, that meant they picked the restaurant. Sunday was my day to pick and Outback just sounded good to me, so that's where we went.

Its easy to forget how much fun it is to have children with you at dinner when you don't have them around all the time. They add laughter, fun and sometimes just a little embarrassment.

It wasn't super busy, so we got waited on fairly quickly, and our server was great. But, when you aren't quite four and the adults are still talking, you can get pretty bored. What to do? Just toss a piece of your napkin over the top of the booth into the next booth. We had no idea there was anyone over there...until it came sailing back onto our table. Yep, kids will do that sometime. We laughed...really quietly.