Another big weekend

August 07, 2014

Moth and rustMoth and rust


Wow, we have been non-stop for the past week or 10 days. After our moving adventure last weekend, every night has been spent doing projects or putting stuff away. My wife has been hard at it even more than I have!  Last night, new locks on the doors. If you know me, that is not my strength. I did get it done with zero left over parts. Success!

I'd like to think it will slow down, but I doubt it will. For sure it won't this weekend. We are off to Ohio after work tonight. Then we are driving to visit friends Friday and our 40th High School reunion on Saturday. I remember photographing those as a young man thinking, "wow, they are old!" I was right! Now it's our turn! but we look way better than they did (for sure Marlene does!)

Sunday will be lunch with my siblings, and then we pick up the "grands" to bring them back to Nashville with us. (More details on that soon)

Sorry for the absence, I'll try to do better!