The difference subtle post processing makes

July 16, 2014

If you know me at all, you know how much I hate post processing! One of the reasons I transitioned to Fuji cameras is because I can deliver the files straight out of the camera for most assignments. Weddings are not that kind of job typically, at least the portraits aren't. Weddings are portraits of people, lots of portraits. I take my job of recording this seriously, trying not to miss any family or friends that are important to the day. As a result, there is going to be some help needed. I can tell you at 57 years of age, I want (need) help on my own images.

So, here is what you would have seen if you were standing alongside of me, or if you took this with your phone. I think it's a nice image, thanks to awesome quick posing help from my friend John Walters from Amelia (Cincinnati) Ohio.

But this is the finished image after just a few minutes in Photoshop. I prefer the blurred background, and when I saw this backdrop, this was already my plan for finishing the shots. In fact, I lit it specifically so it would look like this when I was done. I also knew I would want a quick vignette around the edges, about a minute to burn that in. Finally, everyone's friend, skin retouching done with one click of my preferred plug in. Voila! A beautiful, traditional, bride and groom portrait.