Fuji 55-200 An incredible value lens!

December 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I know, I know, its a variable aperture. And...it's not very fast, so what. When I can do some quick grab shots of my very active grandkids, lit only by a window at the end of the hall that look like this, I'll take it all day long!

If you don't have $1700.00 for the new 2.8 version, don't sweat it. There are many great images to be made with this under $700.00 lens! This has been my primary portrait lens since I bought it and it has a great look to it. Plus, it's small and light weight, one of the things that attracted me to mirrorless cameras to begin with. 

This image and the following were all shot at 1000 ISO, wide open and about 1/50 second hand held. If there is lack of sharpness it's because they moved. AND these are all SOOC, only cropped to fit this blog.

Vinny is a little tougher to keep in one spot but he is only 3 years old. When I can get him slowed down, I try to get something quick. This may not be my best attempt, but it shows what the lens is capable of. This lens is sharp enough for anything I need to do, in fact it's too sharp most of the time and I have to do some image softening.

Last but not least, the baby. Her eyes are gorgeous and yes, that is a marshmallow in and around her mouth. Whatever it takes for cooperation, right?

If you need a longer lens, and want to take beautiful images, I'd jump on one of these lenses. The only reason mine is for sale is because I've ordered the new 2.8 version. That being said, I could shoot this lens for years to come with no regrets and no loss of beautiful images.