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November 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I had a great time teaching in Dublin, Ohio last weekend at the Professional Photographers of Ohio PhotoU, Fall show. This is Logan Brazzell and she works for my good friends at Jones Photography. She patiently modeled so I could demonstrate some lighting techniques. This cover image is window light and a reflector. One of the easiest ways to pull off a flattering portrait in a hurry. It rounds out the shadow side of her face and makes her eyes "pop."

This is the Westcott Ice Light blended with some available light. She's sitting on the steps, just leaning into the landing. I am on laying on the floor with my tripod all the way down. Fuji X-E2 and 55-200 lens.

Same lighting set up as above, I'm just not laying down. This image is unusable without additional light. It didn't need much so the Westcott Ice Light was perfect. This is my second time working with that light, and admittedly it is pricey, but it sure is handy and a beautiful source!