Fuji X-E2 vs Lumix GH4

November 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


This was not as scientific as I intended, partly because of a flash issue. I planned to shoot with my Elinchrom Quadra on all the shots but couldn't get it to trigger from the Lumix, I still need to find out why it wouldn't. I was forced to shoot available light only, just used reflector to help. Thankfully it was a moderately overcast day so it worked out. I still wanted to get a look at how the GH4 looked right out of the camera as a JPEG, zero post. One of the selling features to me of the Fuji has been sellable images with no post time. That being said, the Lumix is as close to useable as anything else I've seen. I can't get this from any Canon or Nikon cameras and I've tried them both. 
I prefer the flesh tones from the Fuji better, but just slightly. The overall colors are more saturated and accurate on the Fuji X camera. The Lumix may be able to be adjusted or tweaked in settings. My goal has always been to get the best files possible right from the camera. I'm not into hours of post production. That robs me of time and profit, and I don't enjoy it.
Other initial impressions:
  • The iA setting is stupid accurate! 
  • The focusing is super quick. 
  • Lenses are excellent.
  • Controls are easy to understand and very intuitive.
  • The video is incredible and I've only dabbled with it.
More testing to do, but I'm having a blast!