Anniversary #37!

October 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It just happened that I had yesterday off and it was our anniversary. As residents of Nashville for 4+ years, we still had not made it to The Loveless Cafe. Our plans included a late breakfast (to beat the crowds) and a big breakfast. Mission accomplished. No waiting, a great server and food that exceeded our expectations. 

We decided to try a little of everything. The country ham is super salty and incredible. Sausage gravy, casserole and home made biscuits with home made preserves. There is a jar of  blackberry sitting in our refrigerator even as I type.

After 37 years I love my wife more than I ever thought possible. Like all honest couples, we've had our good times and not so good. I can tell you that there are now far less "bad times" and many more "good times!" Some have asked what our secret is, there really isn't any secret. There is a certain peace in accepting each other and not trying to change them into something or someone else. Fact is, I love her as she is and wouldn't change a thing! Jesus talked about it years ago when he told us we need to die to ourselves, and live for him. The same applies to our marriages, it's about putting the others needs before yours. It also helps if you marry your best friend. The real truth is that you will probably put up with more "stuff" from your best friend than anyone else on the planet! I thinks thats a good plan for your spouse too, don't you?